NATO cyber defense center appointed to train, educate troops

Washington ― The NATO-affiliated think tank known as the Cooperative Cyber Defense Center of Excellence (CCD-COE) took over responsibility for identifying and coordinating education and training solutions for cyber defense operations across the alliance on Jan. 30.

Based in Estonia, the CCD-COE currently joins 20 nations to provide comprehensive analysis of cyber defense training, operations and international law.

The center has helped facilitate discussion about the future of cybersecurity among alliance members by hosting the International Conference on Cyber Conflict, or CyCon, each spring. At CyCon 2017, NATO and EU officials and cyber experts discussed the conditions under which a cyber attack may trigger Article 5 – the alliance’s collective defense provision.

The center has also been instrumental in pushing the global understanding of how cyber attacks relate to international humanitarian law. Its staff has published the authoritative tome on cyber attacks and international law, Tallin Manual 2.0, and could help NATO and the EU plan to integrate cyber operations at all levels.

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