Cyberthreat intelligence firms sells for $780M

Insight Partners, a leading global capital and private equity firm, has acquired Recorded Futures, an intelligence solution company that has made its name in the cybersecurity world in recent years by providing threat intelligence.

The cash deal is for $780 million. Recorded Future focuses on information related to public, private, and open source data associated with cyber intrusions. Insight had made a previous investment in the company.

Recorded Future claims to be the largest privately held threat intelligence software in the world. The company has ties to the defense and intelligence communities. Recorded Future was awarded a Defense Innovation Unit contract in September 2017. In-Q-Tel, the intelligence community’s investment arm, had made an initial investment in the company in 2010.

“We have relied heavily on a unique blend of focused data science concepts, advanced machine-enabled collection, and intelligence subject matter expertise, always with an eye toward the usability of the intelligence that we present to our clients — be it government agencies, large corporations, or forward-leaning companies,” said Christopher Ahlberg, co-founder and CEO of Recorded Future, in a May 30 press release. “This deal represents one of the largest security software transactions of the year, and the largest ever in the threat intelligence space. Insight’s renewed commitment to our future validates the path that we are on and lays the foundation to drive our collective requirements forward."

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