Senator says Chinese hack of Navy contractor ‘very serious’

NEWPORT, R.I. — A Rhode Island Senator is describing the case of a Chinese government hack into a Newport Naval Station as “very serious.”

Democratic U.S. Senator Jack Reed says Monday he spoke with the Navy’s top officer after last week’s report that the Chinese government hacked a contractor who works with one of the naval station’s operations.

WPRI-TV reports hackers stole massive amounts of sensitive data related to undersea warfare, including secret plans to develop a supersonic anti-ship missile for U.S submarines.

Chinese government hackers stole crucial data from an American contractor on a top submarine development program. (Lt.Cmdr. Michael Smith/U.S. Navy)
Chinese hackers steal sensitive Navy program data

Cyberattacks sponsored by the Chinese government infiltrated a U.S. Navy contractor’s computers, allowing digital thieves to access sensitive data related to secret Navy projects on a submarine anti-ship missile.

Investigators are blaming the Chinese Ministry of State Security. Reed says he discussed the hack to make sure a thorough evaluation is being made on the “impact of the breach.”

Information from: WPRI-TV,

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